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Coming into this game, Lanús has picked up 9 points from the last 5 games, both home and away. That's 1. 8 points per game on average. BTTS has landed in just 1 of those games. Lanús has scored 5 times in the last 5 fixtures. Lanús has enjoyed playing away from home recently, with the side currently unbeaten in 2 games.

576%78%Over 1. 539%46%Over 2. 516%14%Over 3. 55%3%Clean Sheets24%22%Conceded 1st/2nd HalfEstudiantesLanús1H Clean Sheet58%46%2H Clean Sheet37%46%Conceded Average 1H0. 50. 73Conceded Average 2H0. 890. 68* Goals conceded data include both home and away games that Estudiantes de La Plata and CA Lanúshave played. Estudiantes de La Plata and CA Lanús's Over 0. 5 ~ 4. 5 and BTTS data. Match GoalsEstudiantesLanúsAverageOver 0. 592%95%94%Over 1.

58%5%7%Under 1. 526%30%28%Under 2. 542%54%48%Under 3. 566%78%72%Under 4. 582%95%89%First/Second HalfEstudiantesLanúsAverageUnder 0. 5 FH32%24%28%Under 1. 5 FH71%62%67%Under 2. 5 FH92%84%88%Under 0. 5 2H16%27%22%Under 1. 5 2H47%70%59%Under 2. 5 2H74%95%85%Latest User Predictions 1. 40@ Over 1. 5 Goals@malte722 100 / Match Corners Earned Match CornersEstudiantesLanúsAverageOver 6Over 7Over 8Over 9Over 10Over 11Over 12Over 13First HalfEstudiantesLanúsAverageFH AverageFH Over 4FH Over 5FH Over 6Second HalfEstudiantesLanúsAverage2H Average2H Over 42H Over 52H Over 6Total Match Corners for Estudiantes de La Plata and CA Lanús.

Shots, Offsides, Fouls & moreTeam ShotsEstudiantesLanúsAverageShots / Match13. 2111. 1412. 00Shots Conversion Rate11%9%10%Shots On Target / M5. 424. 815. 00Shots Off Target / M7. 796. 327. 00Shots Per Goal Scored8. 9611. 1410Team Shots Over 10. 571%54%63%Team Shots Over 11. 561%46%54%Team Shots Over 12. 553%41%47%Team Shots Over 13. 534%27%31%Team Shots Over 14. 526%22%24%Team Shots Over 15. 526%19%23%Team Shots On Target 3. 5+79%70%75%Team Shots On Target 4. 5+57%49%53%Team Shots On Target 5. 5+42%32%37%Team Shots On Target 6. 5+24%19%22%Match ShotsEstudiantesLanúsAverageMatch Shots Over 23. 576%41%59%Match Shots Over 24. 566%32%49%Match Shots Over 25. 550%22%36%Match Shots Over 26. 542%22%32%Match Shots On Target Over 7. 582%89%86%Match Shots On Target Over 8.

Estudiantes vs Lanús Predictions, Stats & H2H | FootyStatsHere are the predictions and head-to-head stats comparison for Estudiantes vs Lanús before start of the match. 52%Over 2. 5League Average: 43%72%Over 1. 5League Average: 67%60%BTTSLeague Average: 50%2. 64Goals / MatchLeague Average: 2. 31*Estudiantes de La Plata and CA Lanús's average prediction data across current seasonEstudiantes vs Lanús's head to head record shows that of the 8 meetings they've had, Estudiantes has won 1 times and Lanús has won 2 times. 5 fixtures between Estudiantes and Lanús has ended in a draw.

61Julián Ezequiel Aude 0. 57* Stats from 2022 season of Primera División Match Odds Odds MarketMarketOddsStatsEstudiantes Win2. 2039%Lanús Win3. 5022%Draw3. 2030%Over 0. 51. 1094%Over 1. 4072%Over 2. 52. 2052%Over 3. 54. 0028%Over 4. 58. 0012%BTTS1. 9560%Team Trends Coming into this game, Estudiantes has picked up 1 points from the last 5 games, both home and away. That's 0. 2 points per game on average.

League AVG is Argentina Primera División's average across 530 matches in the 2022 season. Argentina Primera División Corner Stats Estudiantes de La Plata and CA Lanús's individual team corner data. Team CornersEstudiantesLanúsAverageCorners Earned / MatchCorners Against / MatchOver 2. 5 Corners ForOver 3. 5 Corners ForOver 4. 5 Corners ForOver 2. 5 Corners AgainstOver 3. 5 Corners AgainstOver 4. 5 Corners Against Scored in 82% of matches (Overall) Medium ChanceThere is a Medium Chance that Estudiantes will score a goal based on our data.

25%Clean SheetsEstudiantesEstudiantes v Lanús Past H2H Results & FixturesOverallDRosario CentralEstudiantesLEstudiantesDefensa y JusticiaLAtlético TucumánEstudiantesLEstudiantesColónLRiver PlateEstudiantesHomeWEstudiantesUnión Santa FeWEstudiantesPatronatoWEstudiantesRacing ClubLEstudiantesDefensa y JusticiaLEstudiantesColónAwayLArgentinos JuniorsEstudiantesDPlatenseEstudiantesDRosario CentralEstudiantesLAtlético TucumánEstudiantesLRiver PlateEstudiantesOverallLLanúsBoca JuniorsWBanfieldLanúsWLanúsSan LorenzoWTalleres CórdobaLanúsLLanúsArgentinos JuniorsHomeWLanúsArsenal de SarandíLLanúsTigreLLanúsBoca JuniorsWLanúsSan LorenzoLLanúsArgentinos JuniorsAwayLNewell's Old BoysLanúsDCentral Córdoba SdELanúsLBarracas CentralLanúsWBanfieldLanúsWTalleres CórdobaLanúsWhat do these stat terms mean? Read the Glossary Form - OverallForm - Overall1.

Clean Sheets in 22% Clean Sheets in 24% Medium ChanceThere is a Medium Chance that Lanús will score a goal based on our data. Scored in 70% Upgrade to Premium! Extra 300 Profitable Leagues. + Corner Stats & CardsPremium will get you more wins. 300 Extra leagues known to be profitable and less tracked by the bookies. Plus, you get Corner stats and Card stats along with CSV downloads. Subscribe today! Cards Booked / Match Match CardsEstudiantesLanúsAverageOver 2. 5Over 3. 5Over 4. 5Over 5. 5Over 6. 5Team CardsEstudiantesLanúsAverageCards For AverageOver 0.

30 cardsCards (Away Team) / Match3. 04 cardsOver 0. 5 Cards98%Over 1. 5 Cards95%Over 2. 5 Cards85%Over 3. 5 Cards77%Over 4. 5 Cards68%Over 5. 5 Cards47%Minutes / Card45 minutesPens & GoalsStatPenalties / Match0. 27Home Team Pens / Match0. 20Away Team Pens / Match0. 07Goals / Match2. 47 goalsHome Team Scored1. 42 goalsAway Team Scored1. 05 goalsReferee stats (Fernando Espinoza) use the most recent data. Not pre-match data. League Table Positions* Argentina Primera División Form Table is also availableWhich Players Will Score? Top Scorers - Estudiantes* Stats from 2022 season of Primera DivisiónTop Scorers - Lanús* Stats from 2022 season of Primera DivisiónWho Will Get Booked? Cards Given - Estudiantes* Stats from 2022 season of Primera DivisiónCards Given - LanúsJulián Ezequiel Aude 6* Stats from 2022 season of Primera DivisiónCards Per 90 MinutesCards / 90 - Estudiantes* Stats from 2022 season of Primera DivisiónCards / 90 - LanúsMateo Sanabria 0.

47DRosario CentralEstudiantesLEstudiantesDefensa y JusticiaLAtlético TucumánEstudiantesLEstudiantesColónLRiver PlateEstudiantes0. 95LLanúsBoca JuniorsWBanfieldLanúsWLanúsSan LorenzoWTalleres CórdobaLanúsLLanúsArgentinos Juniors Your subscription could not be saved. Please try again. Your subscription to Daily Predictions has been successful. Estudiantes is +47% better in terms of Goals Scored1. 47 Goals / MatchEstudiantes at Home1 Goals / MatchLanús at AwayScored Per GameEstudiantesLanúsOver 0.

574%70%72%Over 2. 558%46%52%Over 3. 534%22%28%Over 4. 518%5%12%BTTS66%54%60%BTTS & Win24%5%15%BTTS & Draw21%24%23%BTTS & Over 2. 553%41%47%BTTS No & Over 2. 55%5%5%First Half GoalsEstudiantesLanúsAverageBTTS First HalfOver 0. 5 FHOver 1. 5 FHOver 2. 5 FH2nd Half GoalsEstudiantesLanúsAverageBTTS 2nd HalfBTTS Both HalvesOver 0. 5 2HOver 1. 5 2HOver 2. 5 2HUnder X GoalsEstudiantesLanúsAverageUnder 0.

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Links to Estudiantes De La Plata vs. CA Lanus video highlights are collected in the Media tab for the most popular matches as soon as video appear on

571%76%74%Match Shots On Target Over 9. 566%41%54%Offside StatsEstudiantesLanúsAverageOffsides / Match3. 873. 214. 00Over 2. 5 Offsides68%64%66%Over 3. 5 Offsides55%39%47%Misc StatsEstudiantesLanúsAverageFouls Committed / Match10. 9711. 7011. 00Fouled Against / Match12. 2112. 3812. 00Average Possession49%52%51%Draw% FT29%30%30%Some data are rounded up or down to the nearest percentage, and therefore may equal to 101% when added together. RefereeFernando EspinozaCards & BookingsStatMatches Refereed(in FooyStats Data)81 gamesCards / Match5. 33 cardsCards (Home Team) / Match2.

BTTS has landed in an intriguing 4 of those games. Estudiantes has scored 5 times in the last 5 fixtures. Lanús's defence will have to be at their best today if they're to stop Estudiantes from scoring. The home side has scored in the last 6 games in front of their own fans. They have failed to score in 3 home matches this season. It's possible we will see a couple of goals here, with the last 5 games for Estudiantes ending with 2 goals or more being scored. Can Estudiantes turn this around? They have not won in the last 5 games coming into this, with 1 draws and 4 defeats. In the last 5 matches for Estudiantes, 4 of those games has ended with both teams scoring. This season 25 matches (66% of all matches) involving Estudiantes has seen BTTS landing.

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